Welcome to Behind the Museum Cafe

welcome to the Behind the Museum Cafe

A Message From the Owner

reetings, welcome to Behind the Museum Café.
When I visited Portland for the first time and saw beautiful Mt. Hood, I knew I wanted to live here. And when I discovered the beautiful Portland Japanese Garden, it inspired me to open my own café here in Portland.

Before moving here, I managed a café and taught Japanese home-style cooking and Zen temple-style vegetarian cooking (Shojin Ryori) in San Francisco. With that background, I am very excited to offer my recipes in our café for you to enjoy.

I would like to serve each cup of tea with the true hospitality that I have learned through years of practicing traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

I look forward to meeting all of you at my café, and I hope my passion to offer warmhearted Japanese hospitality will result in a delightful experience for you.
Tomoe Horibuchi : Behind the Museum Cafe - Owner

“Arigatou” (Thank you)

Behind the Museum Café owner,
Tomoe Horibuchi
  Tomoe Horibuchi : Behind the Museum Cafe - Owner

New Items!!

Hojicha Brownie($3.50) & Hojicha Latte($3.75)

New Item!!

Chakin Shibori($4)

New Item!!

Warabi Mochi($4)

New Item!!

Daifuku Mochi($4)

New Item!!

Matcha Roll($4)