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Gallery Space

ehind the Museum Café offers free gallery space to artists who specialize in Japanese art and culture. We feel it is important that everyone is able to enjoy the arts in life. We would like to help initiate and support relations between artists and cafe customers. We hope that our cafe can provide the grounds for these future meetings.

We will offer cultural events like Tea ceremony (Sa do), Incense Ceremony (Ko do), Flower Arrangement (Ikebana) and Calligraphy (Sho do) to introduce the beauty and sensitivity of Japanese culture. We hope you will join us, have a cup of coffee or tea, eat a fresh pastry or sandwich, and enjoy the works on display in the gallery.

Please contact us if you are interested in our gallery space.
Behind the Museum Cafe Gallery Space

Nishiura Style
Calligraphy & Flower Arrangement Class

【monthly schedule
Calligraphy class will be on the 3rd Sunday (mostly) from 1 to 4 pm at 3826 NE Glisan St. Portland. $25 reservation.

Flower arrangement will be on the next day (Monday) from 4 to 6 pm at café 1229 SW 10th Ave. Portland. $35 including flowers .

There will be changed in order to Kihachiro's other activity. Please ask cafe staff or check facebook to find the month's schedule.

For specific questions about the classes and more information, please contact us at

【Kihachiro Nishiura  西浦喜八郎
kihachiro Nichiura was born in 1970 in Tokyo to a famous ceramics family that has produced Nishiura-yaki style porcelain since 1806. He started practicing Shodo, the Way of Brush at age 7. He received his teaching certificate from Shoseki-kai School of calligraphy, and senior teacher certificate from Teshigahara School of Ikebana. Since 2004, he has exhibited his calligraphy internationally in USA, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Indonesia and Japan. Recently, he established his own school of raditional arts, teaching the Nishiura Style of Chado (tea), Kado (flower), Shodo (calligraphy), and Kodo (incense ceremony).
He also is the director of a non-profit organization that provides Japanese cultural experience for the general public outside of Japan.



Harumi Ishii
Miyuki Okabe
Debbie Asakawa
Saori Stendell
Setsuko Gion


Peter Zisa & Yukiko Vossen


"Kokeshi " by Mingei
Leah Stenson